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Description of technical indexes of electroplated diamond grinding wheels


1. Technical index

 1. The current diamond tool products are mainly used in the field of high-end precision machining. Therefore, it is required to have high dimensional accuracy of the substrate processing and small surface roughness when visually observed, which is obviously different from the market products with rougher substrate processing.

 2. Use electroplated diamond wheels to grind oilstone or marble, etc., without peeling or sanding.

 3. The diamond coating is evenly distributed, no obvious nickel knob protrusion is observed by naked eyes, and the feel is smooth when rubbed by hand.

 4. Observe the uniform distribution of diamond under 50 times projector, no leakage plating and agglomeration, and the size of diamond particles observed by microscope is more consistent, and there is no unevenness in size.

 5. It is significantly better than the low-end products in the market in terms of processing accuracy and service life (requires customer verification).

2. Other electroplating products

 1. The market share of this kind of electroplated diamond grinding wheel rod is not very large, so to use this as a reference product to investigate the market, you need to consider other electroplated grinding wheel products.

 2. Other electroplated grinding wheels, especially electroplated optical glass grinding wheels, electroplated bowl wheels, electroplated ordinary wheels, electroplated rollers, etc., have a large market share, and it is recommended to be included in the scope of the investigation.

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